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Digital Data Analytica will give your company a commercial edge  by exploiting your data to enhance the quality, accuracy, efficiency and streamlining your processes, discover patterns and predictive trends in data, automate decision support and decipher complexity. At our fingertips we have parallel and cluster computing resources to speedily “crunch your small and big data” applying powerful  computer algorithms to perform  data cleaning, detrending, regression analysis, programmatic model data fitting, numerical, time/frequency analysis, data mining, machine learning (clustering, classification, regression), advanced statistical exploration and data visualisation to enhance understanding. We will also flexibly adapt to any of your analytical requirements.”

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Who We Are

Digital Data Analytica is a high precision and high quality data analysis laboratory. It is headed by a Royal college accredited Cardiovascular specialist and Imperial College trained Bioengineer, leading a talented multidisciplinary team of post Doctorates with IT, numerical mathematics and scientific skillsets.

We have the resources to solve all your small and big data challenges. Solutions and simulations are speedily solved using parallel computing on our multicore processors powered by GPU Tesla technology. Larger problems will succumb to distributed computing using Amazon Elastic Cloud computer clusters to leverage formidable engineering and mathematical software applications.

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